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GetDone is a property maintenance platform focused on quick, efficient, and high quality services with pre-vetted professionals that offers one point of contact, one invoice for all of your turn service needs. GetDone begins every Turn with an in-depth data scope; capturing photos, videos, appliance and system checks. This data allows GetDone to provide a high quality job every time; from logistics to quality assurance, we handle everything. We leverage technology to create a seamless turn experience that equates to further maximizing a property’s success and growth. 

Our Turn Solution
We understand that in the multifamily housing industry, time is money. And unit turns can become a huge revenue drain if not done as quickly as possible. Let’s walk through an example:

  1. Assume that your property’s average rent is $1500 per month. At ~30 days in a month, that equates to $50 per day in potential rent revenue. 
  2. Now, let’s say that your average turn took 10 days to complete from when the tenant leaves. Meaning that at the earliest, you could have a new tenant move in 10 days later.  Your current turn process: 10 days * $50 per day = $500 in lost rent revenue
  3. So, your unit turns are costing you $500 in potential revenue - that’s expensive!
  4. But, what if GetDone could guarantee you a 4-day turn? Your turn process with GetDone: 4 days * $50 per day = $200 in lost rent revenue (a $300 cost savings per unit!) 

To provide the ultimate customer experience, we guarantee a 4-day standard turn. To combat the inconvenience of order scheduling, we work with the property manager’s schedule for every single order. Our pre-vetted service pros arrive on time to jobs, eliminating wasted time for the property manager. 

What Our Turn Solution Includes

At GetDone, our turns are structured into 6 key services as shown below.

  1. Scoping: Before we even begin work on a unit, we first complete a full scope to see what actually needs to be done.
  2. Painting: Various paint services include full paint, cabinet paint, drywall repair, patio and more.
  3. Cleaning: We analyze the unit to check if it needs a standard or deep clean, touch up clean, heavy appliance clean, floor wax, and so on.
  4. Carpet Cleaning: This includes services like a carpet clean, pet treatment, stain removal, carpet stretching, and more.
  5. Make-Ready Punch (MRP): GetDone’s MRP checklist was developed from top property management companies. At the completion of each MRP, customers will receive a thorough MRP report outlining what work was done, what parts were replaced, before and after pictures, and more.
  6. Quality Assurance: At no extra cost, we send a professional to do a QA walk to assess the work quality in a timely manner. This is to ensure all service needs have been performed at the highest level of quality.
“I was impressed with the GetDone pro that was sent to our property. Their work was very good and they were very helpful, they didn’t leave anything incomplete.”   - Maintenance Supervisor, Trails at Buda Ranch 

How Technology Plays a Pivotal Role
Manually tracking and managing maintenance work is cumbersome, time consuming, and prone to human error, resulting in unnecessarily long processing time, items falling through the cracks, miscommunication, and missing deadlines. By integrating a tech-based solution like GetDone, it allows a property to easily move all turn service orders to be online in one place into a digital make-ready board. 

"We love the GetDone system because it's so user-friendly, our maintenance supervisor prefers GetDone over other vendors based on the technology it offers."  - Property Manager, Steadfast

This will keep the maintenance process organized and alleviates the need to manually track orders, multiple invoices, search for vendors, and so on. If there are any issues, questions, or concerns when using our platform, we have a dedicated customer service team that can be contacted via chat, text, or call!

Overall, it’s our goal to help property managers overcome these maintenance challenges by providing a tech-based solution that in turn eliminates inefficiencies and brings the ultimate quality of work in a timely manner on the property manager’s schedule. If you’re interested in learning more about how GetDone can benefit your multifamily property team, submit your contact info to speak to our sales team here!


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